Master Singleton Class

Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Via the factory

$l = RTSingleton::factory('Translate');

Directs call

$view = RTSingleton::Template();

Class Alias

RTSingleton::alias(string $className, string $alias);

RTSingleton::alias('Template', 'V');

Aliased call RTSingleton has an S alias by default

$view = S::V();

Set Object Not available in version 0.0.1

RTSingleton::set(object $class [, string $alias = NULL ] );

RTSingleton::set(new Aura\View\Template(), 'View');


 RTSingleton::set(require __dir__ . '/../libs/composer/vendor/Aura/View/scripts/instance.php','V');

No need for global variables

S::V()->var = 'Master RTSingleton Class';

Use original class or alias or switch back and forth

echo RTSingleton::Template()->fetch(__dir__ .'/gui/layout.php');
echo S::V()->fetch(__dir__ .'/gui/otherlayout.php');

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